Free Uber Ride – Uber Gift Code

A Free Uber Ride is available for first time users.

Uber Access:

Lyft Access:

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If you have not done so already, go to and download the app or use Google play or the apple store.

The code can be used in 100’s of cities across the us and abroad for your convenience.

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The ride codes are good for these cities and many more….

Free Uber Ride Chicago
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2017 Codes
2018 Codes


Is My First Uber Ride Free – 2017 Promo Codes

Yes first time riders can take advantage of a free 2017 promotional
code here:

Uber Promo:

Lyft Promo:

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If You’re looking for information on receiving a free Uber Ride you’re in luck!

We have a special onetime use promotional Coupon that can be used all of 2017 if you’re a first-time Uber user.

This Free ride credit is good for $15-$30 depending on your area.

SO the first step to redeeming your Rider Credit is to Download the Uber app and sign up.

Step 2.
After you have signed up, Click on the icon box in the upper left corner. Next, click on the PAYMENT button in the drop down menu.

Step 3.
Click on the Add Promo/Gift Code link and enter in the following code shown on screen. You can also click the link in the description below for 1 click sign up with the preloaded code.
And Success, you now have your first free ride……

If you want even more ride credits to use, just share your personal code with friends and family so they can also get their first FREE ride. It’s a win-win.

Do you have LYFT in your area? They’re another great rideshare company you should try. Take advantage of our special Lyft code shown on the screen for $50 in ride credits………..

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