Dr. Alexander Lupenko MD of Passport Health New York

Doctor Alex Lupenko MD of Valley Heights, New York is the founder of Passport Health with offices throughout Long Island, New York. Valley Stream Medical Offices: Lupenko Alexander MD Address: 70 Sunrise Hwy # 500, Valley Stream, NY 11581 Phone: (516) 825-3600 or visit: http://npino.com/npi/1912944257-dr.-alexander-lupenko/


Spicy Cabbage Soup Recipe

Diet cabbage soup recipe with a spicy miso broth! – http://delightfulmomfood.com/cabbage-soup-diet-recipe/

Panterra Young Naturalist Expeditions Call (250) 655-1915

http://panterra.com Entering our 32nd year of business,
PANTERRA has specialized in programing that introduces participants
to the marine environment.

Our goals are to impart a knowledge and awareness of the earth’s
natural history, demonstrate environmental conservation through educational
endeavours, enrich the lives of youth by building valuable life skills
and inspire an interest in further learning.

The 5 – 8 day expedition offers two options. The first option is an
experiential non-credit program, which students can record their
encounters and experiences in the Panterra Expedition Logbook.

The second option is the 8 day expedition offering the Panterra Expedition
Workbook which puts the students to work exploring, discovering, identifying
and recording the marine environment and organisms encountered.

The Workbook has been designed as a credit program for junior and senior high
school students. Both options are a great way for students to learn the
natural history of a marine environment and to explore career interests
in the many fields of natural sciences.

While living onboard our 110’ ship, The “MV Adventure”, anticipate
encounters with whales, dolphins, sea lions, seabirds and an amazing
diversity of undersea life. Explore the geology, flora and fauna
of the desert islands.

Assist in one of two wildlife conservation programs;
a sea turtle release/monitor program or whale shark research; all of
these activities are designed to make the science textbooks come alive.
In addition, participate in our community service project,
“The Baja Gifts Program”, where school supplies, clothing and much
more are collected and distributed to remote communities in
the area we visit.

3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Looking for A Business Loan

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Package Tracking Software and Hardware, UPS, FedEx, DHL and Others

Shipping and receiving can be much easier on your customers. Tektrack by Tekcore is the smart way to track inbound packages. The software is easy to use and can integrate with UPS, FedEx and others. You can even grab the hardware from us. Try it today, visit: