Nubia Emmon – Put the Music On

Music Video by Nubia Emmon performing “Put the Music On”
Produced by Salih Williams of Carnival Beats/Universal & LaTasha Lee. Video by Smackola of Dirty Made Filmz.
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Put the Music On is a smooth R&B/Hip Hop release reminiscent of the classic 90s Hip-Hop R&B songs we love so much. Enjoy!


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IB Carpet & Upholstery promotion video

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Best Houston Bankruptcy Attorney Chapter 7 and Security Clearances
Bankruptcy and Your Security Clearance

Many people know they need to file for bankruptcy but always seem to have an excuse for not reaching out to a Chapter 7 attorney in Houston. Nearly all of these excuses come down to fear: I am afraid that bankruptcy will ruin my credit score I am afraid that my boss will find out I am afraid that I will be embarrassed in front of my neighbors

In addition to understanding that these fears are baseless, you also need to understand that bankruptcy does not have any automatic effect on your security clearance. When filing for Chapter 7 in Texas, your Chapter 7 attorneys in Houston can help you minimize or eliminate any adverse effects your filing may have.

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